Thursday, August 16, 2012

Service Delivery-Lok Seva Guarantee Adhiniyam for most means having to go from one table to another and finally getting frustrated havng lost valuable time and money. all of us have faced it some or the other time. apart from the usual complain of corruption and insensitiveness towards the cause of the applicant, there are also certain intricacies of the system which add to the trouble...or say make space for other 'factors' to co...
me in. in the ongoing process of streamlining the system, the agenda has been to route out these intricacies wherever possible. the fav punchline being "reduce interface between functionaries and public, improve the service delivery mechanism, go for automation wherever discretion isnt required". Two important systems among a host of others developed in MP are Public Services Guarantee Act and the procedure of JanSunvayi.
MP last week celebrated the first anniversary of Madhya Pradesh Public Service Guarantee Act,2010.
hwz it imp? to put it simply, Musaddi lal in the quoted episode of 'Office Office' neednt run from pillar to post for a simple thng like birth certificate. once applied in the designed proforma and list of docu, there is a time limit within which the office has to deliver, or else there is a penalty clause. this was already implemented by means of Citizen service centres, wherein for a processing fee, the person got the req certificate within a timeframe. now the Act seeks to give it a legal framework. ofcourse therez scope for improvement, but it has been a strong beginning. right now 9 depts and 21 services have been included...more coming soon...that means, half the 'Office Office' serial episode issues will be covered in this:)

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