Thursday, August 16, 2012

A normal Day @ the office of an SDM

A normal Day @ office- People showing 40/50K annual income 2 get their wards studyng in Mussoorie Boarding OBC certificates (sans creamy layer)...Businessmen with daily turnover in thousands applying for BPL cards.. versatile actors who bring tears in ur eyes for a non-existent issue.. so called leaders who champion 'peoplez' cause if they arent obliged by the 'party'..suave personalities who nvr ...
thnk twice b4 fleecing the poorest out of his last penny... so called anti corruption crusader who wastes ur 30mins bragging about his exploits without bothering that a poor man outside has travelled 40kms spending half of his day's income for that 5mins with u, which he thnks will bring him justice.. Thatz India vs Bharat for you...n thats where 'India' against Corruption becomes a suspect..
this is the story the nation has been seeing since ages...n the naked exhibition of the same tests ur love for this land which is plagued with Hypocracies.. but yet u, hold on...belief still intact...for that poor old man waiting outside with faith on you.. itz time his better off countrymen reposed the same faith in him, rather than resorting to gimmicks on camera n media..

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