Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Thought process from Facebook

waah re des mere..
is this the India people fought for n r fighting for? i am a proud Indian, but if these are the kind of countrymen i have who have no sense what it is like to be civilised, then i choose 2 b without nationality..
what a shameful way to begin new year with..even worse, it cmes 4m the capital..4m so called educated people, so called youth power of the nation..

Friday, February 10, 2012

The thought process from Facebook page

2 the 'anti corruption' Candle Brigade

"..while on one hand, there was the Govt,politicians,middlemen,bureaucrats& power brokers on the other were the people. victims of the rot in the system. i set out to look at our role here, conscious that we too were to blame.The manner in which many of us interacted and colluded with system ensured that it continued to function in its indifferent,corrupt fashion.what were any of us doing to resolve the problems?what indeed was I doing to right matters, I asked myself."

Capt.Gopinath, Simply Fly,a deccan odyssey

Health from Facebook page

Why more professionals like Dentists should enter Civil services:

Based on the results that show smokeless tobacco products like gutka are more widely used and are causing more mouth cancers, the government is bringing a “new policy,” Health Minister Azad said under this, “harsher” pictorial warnings will be brought in for chewing tobacco.

A simple fact we are taught from day one in Dentistry, it took these many years for the Govt. to understand.