Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Satyamev Jayate

listened to Amir talking about solutions regarding certain problems bogging us as a nation...

Community centric approach was one of them...he gave examples of a village deciding as one, as to what to sow for the season...

couldnt agree...maybe he was being diplomatic..

clearly smells of lack of knowledge with respect to how things work at grassroots. all this talk of community decision making looks romantic from the top, but when you watch it on field, its entirely different. no system is capable by itself to sustain efficiently till the players dont adher to the game rules..

Panchayati Raj system delves exactly on the same was thought it would decentralise the decision making devolving powers to the grass roots , where the villagers will have greater say in what their village deserves.. beautiful idea... only that people do everythng else to not to allow it to function in the manner it has to..

unlike in the past, every village today has a ruling group and an opposition...the reason why PR was introduced, overall development of the village in real time-is hardly looked into. its the wrestle for power and the resultant mudslinging that replaces it.
 in the past it was easier for an officer to direct any development in a particular place on reciept of demand. now for the same, you have to go through so many decision making levels and cater to the ego's of so many parties involved that even for a simple job, lot of time and energy is wasted, which could have been put to use for a better result..
 people get so busy in undoing anything done by the other, that they miss the point, as to why they are their....and as it seems, they hardly care...yes, pariotism in us is more of a textbook term or a jingoistic indulgence...but when it comes to putting it to practice, by different means, say doing your part for common good or plain simple even following rules laid out...hardly anyone bothers..

so no amount of new enactments are goin to help, but developing a bit of honesty would definitely do....

Dear Amir.. your serial has been simply outstanding with respect to the issues it has raised till now, and the courage with which it questions our hypocrisy as a society... continue doing it...only you could have done it so effectively..

but on this one, i beg to disagree....i think you got2 stick to your earlier approach...questioning hypocrisy..coz, thats what ails us.....if everybody behaves half as responsible as they are expected, India would be a heaven..

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